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Clive Palmer may have just bought Hitler’s car, say Liberals and Labor


Controversial billionaire and political aspirant Clive Palmer has come under fire for reportedly buying a vintage bulletproof Mercedes-Benz once owned by Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. 

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News Corp reports the leader of the United Australia Party (UAP) bought the 1939 770 Grosser Offener Tourenwagen, or “Super Mercedes”, from an unnamed Russian billionaire.

A spokesman for Mr Palmer described the reports as “fake news”.

Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews warned Mr Palmer will face the full weight of Australian law if the allegations are true and the purchase and importation of the car breaches import, customs and sanctions rules.

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When the vehicle was auctioned in 2018 by a specialist auction house in the United States, the dealer promoted it as “the most historically significant automobile ever offered for public sale”, seized by the US Army in 1945 and existing as a “definitive memorial of Allied triumph over evil”.

West Australian Labor MP Patrick Gorman wrote to Ms Andrews on Monday, demanding the federal government investigate Mr Palmer’s alleged purchase.

“Many of my constituents are concerned with this purchase and the message it sends,” he wrote.

“I believe that it is inappropriate for Mr Palmer to personally own such an item.”

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